Arya Risk Management System Consulting Services

The consulting services are an integral part of our operations. We provide consultation to all those clients who need our expert opinion to function better. Our chief array of consultation services is focussed around those services that include yet, are not limited to;

 Wealth Management Services

Our efficient financial software consulting services team is adept at providing real-time consultations to our clients. Our client trading model, known as the wealth management application development is capable of handling a lot of different types of investment calculations efficiently.

Our applications can provide data around the performance of the client’s funds. Additionally, we help in building a suitable revenue and return portfolio for the clients. The application is thus effective in handling talent attrition adding features and upgrades regularly to the system. 

Oil Trading & Inventory Management

Our trading & investment desks bring forth real-time prices, expiration dates and quantities thereby connecting them directly to the market. Calculating Greeks in trading can help clients understand how different impacting factors like expiration time, properties of volatility and alteration in prices would impact the option pricing and trading.

Specific AI and Machine Learning Technology are used for designing inventory management tools for oil trading markets and the functionalities of these tools are also extended to the commodity markets. Primarily the tools can enhance the efficiency, accuracy and quality of the work. Additionally, it can save cost and improve productivity as a whole. 

Our company is one of the major providers of desktop applications and also helps with administrative and online transactions. We are a software development company providing trading software solutions for inventory management with facilities to generate invoices, create internal trade transfers and also aid the supply chain management system of our clients.

 Enterprise Resource Management System

We, as a provider of financial software solutions, generate ERP solutions including user management, helping with financial accounting systems, databases and dashboards, reporting and analytical systems in addition to billing, invoicing and payment management.

 Alpha News and Twitter Aggregator

With our News Aggregator Application Development, clients can get important information from multiple websites in one place. Our consulting services introduces our news aggregators to the clients which can regularly check for new information from credible sources like monitored Twitter accounts, news from foreign language newspapers and other valid news platforms & publications. Our applications are set according to our client’s preferences and work swifter than the RSS feed technology.

Similarly, our Twitter aggregator application development has been designed to be faster than even Bloomberg. Our aggregators use the latest AI and Machine Learning Technology designed to spot relevant tweets for Twitter users. For Twitter marketeers monitoring stories or reinventing new stories is essential and our tool can come to their rescue. Additionally, it helps journalists build their platforms and also helps gain organic followers.

Alpha Robo Advisor

Our Robo Advisor Application Development has designed Alpha Robo Advisors, specially inspired by the latest AI and machine learning technology. These tools require minimum human intervention for predicting & imparting financial advice.

Using pre-fed algorithms our Robo advisors help in optimizing our client’s assets taking into consideration risk preferences and also deciding upon the desired target returns. We thus, help our clients in managing their assets and resources.

Trident Fixes

We are a trading software consulting services known in different industries for embedding fixed connectivity technology fitting it seamlessly into the current trading system. Our fix engine products provide trade capture solutions, portfolio management with settlement prices and our 24-hour support costs just $100.

We execute real-time price downloads and also download positions from clear houses to the desired databases. We can develop in any of the programming language whether Linux, web or Windows, even on clouds and local systems.

If you already possess an algorithm, we can help you integrate trade submission portions into the real-time pnl depending on how the portfolio has performed historically. This assessment is especially based on maximum gain, loss, Sharpe ratio and other such parameters.